For as long as I can remember, the ocean felt like home and orcas were my passion. When I was a kid, if I ever were upset or scared, all I had to do was close my eyes, picture their black dorsal fin break the still emerald glass of the Salish Sea and suddenly, everything was okay.


I went on to get my bachelors degree in Journalism. I wanted to change the world through storytelling, and I wanted to protect the oceans. When I graduated, I found out the animals who had shaped my entire life were going extinct, and I couldn't sit quietly and watch it happen. I went to Saturna Island, B.C. to monitor the Southern Resident Killer Whales with Straitwatch. But that wasn't all. I wanted to make a documentary on them to create real, long-lasting change.

That summer, we were out on the water every day,  but the orcas I remember seeing from afar as a little girl were barely there anymore. And so Coextinction began. 


Since September 2017, I have been directing, producing, writing and hosting Coextinction, a documentary series out to save the remaining Southern Resident Killer Whales and the entire ecosystem they depend on, with a talented and passionate team. 

I radiate energy and passion in all my projects. ​I've worked on various documentaries and film projects, organized campaigns and fundraising concerts to raise awareness about the southern residents, oil spills and wild salmon.



I am a filmmaker, conservationist, and storyteller. My goal is to inspire people to take action and feel connected to this place we call home and to one day dip my toes into an ocean filled with all healthy living organisms. ​​

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