about gloria

I am a filmmaker, writer, and activist. My work is for the orcas.

I've learned from them that everything is interconnected. Protecting orcas is protecting people, the salmon runs, the land, and the water. 

I've monitored orcas in the Salish Sea, produced and directed documentaries, co-founded a non-for-profit, lead a 380-kilometer march, and more.


Whatever I take on, I lead with heart to create a future with justice and coexistence. 

I grew up fascinated by orcas. My classmates feared them, and I stood up for them; I saw them for the caring, intelligent beings that they are. They always were my haven.

In 2017, I traveled to Saturna Island, B.C., to monitor the critically endangered Southern Resident killer whales. There I was, seeing their strong family bonds and impressive black fins breaking the water, but I also witnessed how they were suffering because of how we live.

I left knowing I would do everything in my power to save them, starting with a documentary that would raise awareness globally: Coextinction.




 Robin McGahey 

International Ocean Film Festival

"Gloria beautifully captures the lives of the Southern Resident Killer Whales through a raw story that's emotional, informative, and relatable to the times. Gloria has put the potential back in the hands of the people, and by the end of the talk, all you want to do is join her fight. Truly, I can't wait to see the documentary."


 Rod Marining 

Greenpeace co-founder & Sea Shepherd

"The Coextinction story is one we all need to hear. Inspiring, authentic and informational. Their presentation serves as a powerful reminder that the individual CAN make a difference, sparking a fire in the audience!"