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I found my tribe early on, in the woods far from the fast pace world. A cat, a mother and souls that became family. Though I think they were already rooted deep within my path from lifetimes ago.

It seems like we’re all rediscovering ourselves these days, without one another. Like all families, we each need to find our own path to keep becoming us. Change is a constant, remember? We almost got it tattooed in Sanskrit. Maybe we should.

And I can see all of us healing the parts of ourselves we helped each other bandage when they were still raw and bloody. We’ve sang when our hearts were so broke and our minds so tired it was all there was left to do. We’ve travelled to places far from home to find pieces of ourselves buried in past lives. Sometimes we’ve even spoken entire conversations without words. You are my tribe.

I’m going to the untamed water to be and like any sister, you encourage me. I know even when I’ll have bathed all of me for a lifetime in the salty sea, it won’t be enough. A home I once found in the forest is now deep within the ocean. But we’ll always be family and this place will always be home, forever a safe place in my soul.

Art by Kendall Turner Mann