storytelling & activism

  for the orcas and the people  

about gloria

I am a filmmaker, writer, and activist. My work is for the orcas.

I've learned from them that everything is interconnected. Protecting orcas is protecting people, the land and the water.

I've studied and monitored orcas, produced and directed documentaries, co-founded a non-for-profit, lead a 380 kilometer march, and more.


Whatever I take on, I do so with heart to create a future with justice and coexistence.  


& create

Storytelling is one of our most powerful tool. It can educate and move people into action. Activism is how we bring the seeds of that work to fruition. Both are a key part of my work.

My writing, filmmaking and activism is rooted in protecting life, in connecting us back to our interconnectedness, in working together to create a world with justice, love, and coexistence.