Coextinction is a documentary and non-for-profit I co-founded. It is the product of my love for the orcas and my hope to create a better world for them and us.

I began creating Coextinction for the orcas, but in the end, I came to understand this is about an entire ecosystem on the verge of collapse, the injustice towards Indigenous people, and how we must unite to save it all before it's too late.

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A 380 kilometer march to breach the Snake River dams driving the orcas and salmon to extinction. The construction of these dams led to the Palouse Tribe being forcefully removed from their traditional land.


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poetry collection

  coming soon.  

This collection of poetry and prose is a love letter to the coast and the whales, reflections of my life experiences protecting them, a space to sit in the grief of what we are losing, and a call to rise into action to defend life.



The funny thing is, I used to be terrified of public speaking.


I remember the very moment that shifted for me. I was at my first protest, demanding the Snake River dams be breached. The organizer looked at me like I had something to say. She handed me the megaphone and said, "you talk to them." I spoke into it, and fire spewed out of me. I could feel the echo and weight of my words and the energy they carried.

Since then, I have spoken at schools and events like the Green Living Show, Surfrider Foundation, Braemar College, and more, educating about the orcas and how we can work together to create change. not just for the orcas, but ourselves.

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